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Autism & ADHD Assessments

We provide gold standard autism assessments using a multi-disciplinary approach with a Clinical Psychologist and Specialist Speech and Language Therapist.

We understand that parents often have many queries or are unsure of whether their child needs an autism assessment and/or and assessment for ADHD. Our 1 hour screening appointment is likely to be helpful in guiding this decision. This is a stand alone appointment and there is no pressure to then begin a full assessment.


An autism assessment involves taking a detailed developmental history of the child, a structured clinical observation of your child, information from a place of education and a  review of other professional reports. We also complete an observation of the child in school where required.

A detailed feedback session is provided for parents, along with a comprehensive report. Recommendations are person-centred based on your child's needs regardless of whether your child meets the diagnostic criteria for autism or not.

For a combined Autism and ADHD assessment, further information is sought from parents, school and the young person around attention and ability to focus using standardised assessment tools.

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