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How we can help

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Psychological support

Many parents face challenges with managing a child's behaviour. It can be helpful to understand why a child may be displaying challenging behaviour, and to implement ways to reduce this behaviour. 
I can discuss behavioural management strategies with you, and support you in the implementation.

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ASD Post Diagnostic Support

Following a diagnosis of autism it can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming for parents. You may be thinking where do we start with all the recommendations? What do we do first? Or it could be several years following a diagnosis, situations have arisen at school and home and you have become a little stuck in trying to work out how to help your child.

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Autism and ADHD Assessments

We provide 'gold standard' autism assessments for children and teenagers, based on NICE guidelines. We can additionally provide ADHD assessments for young people - either as a stand alone assessment, or in combination with an Autism assessment.

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